Art or Vandalism? – A sad tour of graffiti in Tucson

My vote is that all of the graffiti I’ve seen has been vandalism.  The thing that I found most interesting about this Human Mosaic Project assignment is the amount of graffiti I was able to find around Tucson.  I honestly didn’t have to hunt at all.  It was found on nearly every corner of every street.  In many neighborhoods it had been poorly covered up, but had obviously been there before.

Very sad indeed.


Demo Free Daze?


Stupid Kid


This one is at least mildly artistic!


Pillars of the Community


Please Look (I need attention)

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July Monsoon Sunset Panoramics

Wow, this year has been incredible for sunsets in Tucson!  I can’t remember a year where there were so many incredible photo opportunities.  I’m thinking that next year I should just put all of my shots into a single blog post as it will probably be more visually powerful.

Here are a couple more that I took with my iPhone 4 and Panorama.


Taken right behind my house

Taken from the Rillito bridge (Alvernon & River)

Taken from my driveway facing due East!

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Panoramic Monsoon Sunsets From Tucson Arizona

I don’t tend to whine a lot, but when I do it’s usually about being hot. I have a lot of energy and it usually manifests itself as sweat! Luckily Tucson has the most amazing sunsets during the hottest and most humid time of year. These help me ignore that I can’t stop sweating unless I’m hiding inside with the air conditioning set to 75.

Here are a few panoramic photos I took from my house that show of one of the things that makes Arizona an amazing place to live! These were shot with my iPhone and stitched together using AutoStitch.

Be sure to click to see these larger!


Taken 7/16/2010


Taken 7/19/2010

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