Keeping Your Social Media Synchronized

Keeping Your Social Media Sunchronized

One of the questions I’m often asked is, “How do you keep your social media synchronized?”  Therefore, I present the same question to you.  With all the social media options available, how do you synchronize them?  How do you prevent this from being such a daunting task?

In my presentation Keeping Your Social Media Synchronized, I emphasize the development of a social media strategy and show you what works for me.  Some of the techniques I share include:
  • Determining Goals & Objectives:  Before you can determine your SMART goals, you must understand your objective – why you have chosen to use social media.
  • Conduct Research:  Know your audience and where to find them.  Learn why this process is critical to your success.
  • Catalog Existing Information:  Now that you have information available, how do you get in front of your audience?
  • Measure Success:  What methods should you use to check the health of your efforts?
  • Watch for New Content:  Stay abreast of what’s happening and capitalize on what’s “hot”.
  • Managing Multiple Accounts:  Focus on quality rather than quantity.

At the conclusion of the presentation, I challenge you to

  • Create your SMART goals
  • LEARN about your customers
  • Identify one or two social networks to FOCUS on

Once you know how to keep your social media synchronized, the task is not as daunting.  Watch the above presentation to learn more about I keep it in sync.