Sappy Valentine’s Post – Why I Love My Wife!

For all of my usual readers, please excuse this sappy display of public affection.
For everyone else, I thought it would be a cool idea to show my wife how much I love her publicly for the world.  I am an extremely lucky man and if you don’t already agree, you probably will after reading this.  These are in no particular order.
  • She waits on me hand and foot when I’m sick
  • She cooks incredible food and always comes up with new foods
  • CONSTANTLY tries to make sure everyone else is happy
  • Talks to her parents almost daily
  • MA.TTD_012.JPG


  • Says “Delicacy” like “De-Lick-A-See”
  • Loves our daughter more than anything in the world
  • She gives awesome massages!
  • Acts as a match-mater between her friends
  • She sends me text messages to tell me she loves me
  • I wake up seeing her smiling at me on many mornings
  • She puts up with my lack of cooking skills (exploding fish)
  • Her randomness offsets my linear approach
  • She will stop a conversation with her family to come explain to me what they are talking about
  • She usually says exploder instead of explorer.  For example:  “Dora the Exploder” or “Internet Exploder”
  • She leaves me alone with her parents so I can practice my Spanish
  • She has passed me up for number of mayorships on Foursquare
  • She is COMPLETELY supportive of everything I do
  • Some things behind closed doors that I shouldn’t mention here
  • It doesn’t bother her that the dog has trained her to give him treats
  • She asks me to skip Christmas gifts so I can get her more from the gem show
  • She’s got personality – We bump into someone she knows EVERYWHERE we go
  • She will take dinner to elderly friends for no reason special
  • She loves me!
  • When I try out wacky new diets she tries to change her cooking
  • She always says “Have a good time” before I leave for pool on Monday nights
  • She doesn’t back down when something is really important to her
  • She keeps threatening to have Spanish only day
  • She learned to love “The Office”
  • She is an incredible friend and someone I know I can talk to about anything
  • She has a great sense of humor and usually gets mine
  • She always “Likes” my Garious posts on Facebook because she knows it will help give them visibility
  • She can recall the life history of anyone she’s friends with
  • She puts up with my grouchy days
  • Plays scrabble with me even though English is her second language

I could go ON and ON and ON, but I hope this clearly shows why I love her too! She is amazing and I am incredibly lucky!

  • Az Sol Chica

    You two are AWESOME together, it’s wonderful to see such deep abiding love. I’m so glad to have Maria as part of our family, she’s a fabulous addition, as is Miranda and her whole family. You deserve a love like this, I’m so happy for you!!