Crowd-sourcing Lost Pet Retrieval

We had our landscaper over yesterday and he was doing an awesome job of getting the yard all cleaned up.  While he was working hard, I was trying to get through my homework.  After an hour or so I decided I needed to take quick a break and play DJ Hero with my step-daughter.  I went upstairs and started jamming.

We were playing for a bit and I noticed that the dog was not in his cage and I couldn’t remember seeing him for the last few hours which was unusual.  We began searching the house with absolutely no luck.  It was about to be dark so we decided to drive around the neighborhood and see if we could find little Charlie.  He usually doesn’t go very far so we thought driving with the windows down and calling for him would do the trick.

I didn’t and we spent the next hour and a half driving through all of the neighborhoods near our house.  We had no luck with that either.  We went home to gather our thoughts and try to come up with a plan to get him back.

Charlie Please Come Home!The next morning we got up early and started again.  Lots of our very helpful friends expressed their sympathy and gave suggestions while we had been sleeping.  We took all of it, we called the humane society and animal control, but they hand’t seen him.  Next we posted an advertisement on CraigsList and created some printed flyers.

We went through the entire neighborhood and put flyers at every entrance or exit for our subdivision!  We literally must have put up at least 40 flyers.  We were excited to see people out with their dogs coming up and taking really close looks at the flyers!  We were very hopeful that the beautiful sunny day would bring about a rescue.

By late afternoon we still had not heard anything!  We were all starting to lose hope again and went back to being very sad and missing Charlie.  On top of this the clouds started to roll in…  A massive storm hit our part of town and obliterated all of the signs that we had put up.  We decided that we’d head to the pound the following day and try to remain hopeful.

During dinner my Fiancée was feeling hungry and sad and decided to check her iPhone for email.  It was there that she found a message from someone that claimed to have found Charlie!  She immediately called and talked to a very nice girl that said she had seen him with one of the neighbors.

She had seen the advertisement on CraigsList and thought to let us know that she had seen Charlie with some of the neighbors.  How amazing is that?!?

To say that the last 24 hours have been a pretty crazy emotional roller-coaster is an understatement, but we’re happy to have the crazy little lion home!

  • I’m a dog lover too and I was touched by what happened to your pet. I’m glad that you have him back again. 🙂