Angostura Mexico – Part 1

After a full day of insane domestic catch-up, security companies, sales calls and other necessary evils we were finally able to begin packing for our trip.  We have everything you can imagine crammed into the back of this poor little Tacoma.  We’ve packed in luggage, clothes, chairs, booze, Xango, a television, and quite a few other assorted goodies.  Needless to say it took quite a while to get all of this into the back of the truck and we were finally ready to leave my house around 10pm. 

Of course by this time our light dim-sum dinner from earlier had worn off and we needed to make a drive-through pit stop for some greasy Sour Dough Jacks.  I ate mine in about three bites and since Maria was driving it took her a little bit longer to finish.  We were all done with our second dinner before we even made it to I-10.  Miranda fell back asleep only a few minutes afterward and it allowed Maria and I time to catch up since things have been so crazy lately.

Around 11:30pm we arrived at the “Centro De Importacion” to get the permit for Maria’s truck.  Since we’re heading all the way to Angostura which is in Sinaloa we need one.  Miranda was still out like a light in the back seat, so I stayed in the truck while Maria went to go deal with the slow people working.  I’m not sure whether it was because it was only about 4 degrees outside or because they had a fresh pot of coffee, but tonight they decided to move a little more quickly than usual.  We were fortunate enough to be back on the road by about midnight. 

Maria is happily telling me about some of the strange dramas that have occurred at Costco during her last few days there.  Her stories continue to remind me that we need to work very hard to get her to a point where she can leave if she’d like.  My dreaming is shattered by some fancy footwork by our driver.  I look ahead and see police lights and smoke.  It looks like one of the sleepy truck drivers has jack-knifed his eighteen wheeler and completely blocked all of the southbound traffic.  In typical Mexican style all of the traffic proceeds to the opposite side of the highway and drives into oncoming traffic with their emergency lights on.